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Shift View

By holding the central mouse button and moving the mouse, the view on a project can be shifted to the right, left, up or down. This changes only the centre of the main screen without changing the perspective. If you do not have a central mouse button, hold Shift and use the right mouse button.

Centerscreen.pngCenter View

When you right-click on a part in the screen, the option Center View Here is available in the context menu to shift the view. The point you clicked on is then moved into the center of the viewing screen. The option is also available in the View menu. After selecting the option there, left-click on the point you want to move into the center.


The scroll button of the mouse can be used for zooming in and out. If you roll forward, you zoom in and if you roll backwards, you zoom out. If you do not have a scroll button, hold both Ctrl and the right mouse button and move the mouse up and down. With the keyboard, you can zoom in with Q and zoom out with A.

Additionally, there are several default options to center and zoom. Depending on which function you choose, netfabb moves certain components into the center and resets the zoom so that these components fit exactly into the screen. These options are available by clicking on the respective icons in the toolbar or in the View menu.

Zoom to Parts.pngZoom to Parts

The parts of the project will fit exactly into the screen.

Zoom to Selected Parts.pngZoom to Selected Parts

The screen will include all selected parts.

Zoom to Platform.pngZoom to Platform

netfabb calculates a viewing screen into which the platform fits in.

Zoom to All.pngZoom to All

The View will include all parts and the whole platform.

Zoom to Selection.pngZoom to Selected Area

This activates a different mode and is also available by pressing F2. It enables you to choose a selection by holding the left mouse button and dragging a selection rectangle. netfabb then zooms in to that selection. In turn, you do not select parts by clicking on them and cannot move or rotate parts by drag & drop. You get back to the normal mode by pressing F3 or clicking on the respective icon in the toolbar (with the mouse cursor depicted on it).

Zoom to Selection
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