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A pyramid is a primitive body characterized by a base surface with straight edges and an apex, which is exactly above the center of the base. Each base edge has the same length and each angle of the base is identical. The base edges and the apex form identical triangles.


Setting: Function: Preview:
Corners Number of corners of the base
Three Corners
Six Corners
Height Height of the apex
Low Pyramid
High Pyramid
Radius Distance from the center of the base to its corners
Small Radius
Large Radius
Thickness Wall thickness. This is only relevant for hollow pyramids
Thin Walls
Thick Walls
Part Solid: Creates a solid pyramid
Hollow: The base of the pyramid is opened
Hollow Pyramid
Solid Pyramid
Refine Triangle Mesh This determines the number of triangles used. With the default setting, netfabb uses only as much triangles as necessary to generate the right shape. In case of the walls of the pyramid, this is only one triangle per wall. With each subsequent level of refinement, each triangle is split into four.
Level One
Level Two
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