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netfabb Studio is a software tailored for additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping and 3D printing. It prepares three-dimensional files for printing and converts them into two-and-a-half-dimensional slice files, consisting of a list of two-dimensional slice layers. To help users prepare the print, it includes the features for viewing, editing, repairing and analyzing three-dimensional STL-files or slice-based files in various formats.

All operations are conducted within projects, which can include any number of three-dimensional parts or slice files. The modular design of the software allows the use of different modules within a project, such as the repair module or the Slice Commander, which are linked to other user interfaces. Still, they can be executed simultaneously, as the user can switch between modules without any loss of information.

The user interface of the program is divided into the viewing screen, the menu bar and toolbar at the top and the context area to the right. By clicking on the bar between the viewing screen and the context area, the context area is hidden and the bar is pushed to the right edge of the screen. Another click on the bar will bring the context area back. By clicking on the edge of the bar and holding the mouse button, you can move the edge further into the screen by drag & drop.

In the top half of the context area, all parts and slices are listed in the project tree. The project tree can be used to get an overview over the project, organize files and to perform certain functions.

Most of the netfabb window however is occupied by the viewing screen, which visualizes the project and includes viewing options, positioning functions and a few basic handling options.

For the control of the program, functions can be found in context menus, tabsheets, the toolbar and the menu bar. Many of those functions can also be performed with shortkeys on your keyboard.

In the bottom left corner, there either a green or a red dot. When netfabb is connected to the internet, it is green, otherwise it is red. An internet connection is necessary for automatic updates and update notifications.

Program overview.png

Program Overview

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