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Download these step-by-step tutorials to have an easy guide to using netfabb Private and netfabb Professional. It's partly helpful for netfabb Basic, too. The tutorials consist of one PDF and several example files. You can either do all the single chapters one after another or only pick out the ones that are interesting to you - though we recommend to do at least the beginner's project. Depending on your previous knowledge, working through the whole tutorials lasts about 3-5 hours.



A) a beginner's project

  • Open and view parts
  • Automaticalls repair several parts
  • Merge parts (Boolean Operation)
  • Simple part handling
  • Save & export

B) becoming a pro

  • Make huge parts workable - reduce file size
  • Define your own macros
  • Quote parts
  • Repair and improve parts
    • correct orientation and hole closing
    • repairing scans and improving surfaces
  • Quality assureance - measuring and analysing
  • Wall thickness - offset and hollowing
  • Create own shapes with part library (e.g. out of 2D images)
  • Labeling (text and image)
  • Cut parts
  • Slicing (full slicing tool in netfabb Professional only)


Download the tutorials here, including a step-by-step guide and exercise files.

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